Feedback & The Art of Ethical Bribery

getting good feedback on fiverr

If you’ve been on fiverr for any amount of time as a seller you realize that your success in being featured and gaining new buyers lives and dies by the feedback that you receive.

The fact of matter is; falling from a feedback of 100% to 99% can cause a sizable plunge in sales however dropping from 99% to 97% or less can be almost catastrophic! To make matters worse feedback is not a mandatory requirement for buyers so 50% of most happy buyers don’t ever bother to leave feedback at all. This means that one negative review can take you down a peg in the feedback ratings really fast and have a massive impact on the buyer traffic fiverr chooses to send you, your future sales and your overall success on fiverr as well… not good.

Several readers of this blog have relayed  their dismay at this grim reality and I have witnessed it early on in my own sales too.  When you stop to consider how many new positive feedbacks it will take just to offset one negative review, the prospect of repairing the damage done will likely send a cold chill up your spine. (For those who are not aware, the ratio is: one negative feedback for every 100 reviews will take you down one point ! )

If you’ve been in the game for any amount of time you’ve already witnessed a whole slew of buyers who simply pass on being involved  in the feedback process.  Letting these happy buyers slip through your fingers without leaving positive feedback for you can come back to haunt you later on.

Feedback terrorism

I remember early on in my fiverr career,  I had made about 600 sales and decided to add a couple of service based gigs. up until this point I have been selling products and doing just fine.  I awoke one morning to find three negative feedbacks (from buyers that would later be exposed as feedback terrorists)  along with messages in my inbox that demanded I give them extra services that were not part of my original offer…  I was outraged!

After attempting to work the problem out , contacting fiverr  and spending a time of time trying to protect my perfect feedback, the inevitable happened;  I watched my  hundred percent feedback rating plummet to 97%  and literally overnight my income dropped from an average of $900  to around  $15 a month!

I spent the following month  pleading my case to fiverr’s customer service to no avail.  Generally I have found over the years that fiverr’s  customer service team really are good folks however, for some reason on this matter they were  generally unsympathetic. so, I was going to have to resign myself to this new reality….  But that didn’t mean I was going to lay down and take it!

During the following months sales trickled in and I generally had moved onto other projects seeing as the once powerful fiverr money train had now ground to a near halt.  During a meeting with my new product development team I mentioned  how great things used to be, and it got me thinking: “what if all my happy buyers would have just left feedback ?”  The answer was obvious: it would’ve been acompletely different situation.  Instead of 97% I would  still be looking at 100% feedback rating – or at the very least 99% (fiverrs calculation methods an be a bit weird,  so I’m speaking generally here).  So, with this new revelation in mind, how did I get the money train back on track ?

The discovery of ethical bribery

Consumers are a funny bunch.  some will buy anything you put in front of them ,some will have to think about it and kick the tires for a while and  about half will generally just make their purchase and go away with no drama while the other half feel compelled  tell the whole world  what just happened to them.

As I see it, the challenge here is not to worry so much about those who are already leaving feedback as it is to reach out to the ones who are not and bring them into the fold.   Doing so is a lot easier than you would think.  it requires making just a small change to what you’re already doing. Here is what I did:

At the time this all played out I was offering a service that did YouTube SEO & promotion (a pretty popular gig on fiverr).  It was a pretty straightforward deal;  for five dollars I would have my team distribute your videos link to our list of targeted sites and that was that,  (at least until the terrorists showed up wanting more!)

In order to illicit feedback from every single buyer I pulled an old trick out of my marketers handbag. The GET MORE FREE offer.  Here is However works:

Once a sale is made fiverr will require you to send a notification that the gig is completed . At this point in time I have an opportunity to communicate with my buyer one more time so here is what send them:

Thanks for your order!
We got you in our system and our software will begin promoting your video shortly.

Please be aware promotion DOES NOT guarantee clicks ( we need your help for that! )
some things you can do:

– Have a compelling screen capture picture ( people click what interests them so that ones a given )
– use the maximum allowed key words( about 25 ) this helps people find you through our software
– use those keywords in your description – again, people click what interests them so if the pic doesn’t draw them in your description should

Thank you once again for choosing 2ndEmpireMedia.Com for your video promotion needs!

this week we are running a bonus promo for all buyers who leave feedback. All feedback will automatically earn you DOUBLE PROMOTION TIME, and expand your videos exposure at not extra cost to you.



Did it work?  Indeed it did!  Every single buyer began to leave feedback,  and it was all positive!  The terrorists disappeared too because in one fell swoop  I had solved two problems:  upping my rate of feedback left and addressing buyers needs to get more for free!  think about this for a second,  how many rational people complain about getting something for free they weren’t even expecting it?   It’s basic sales psychology 101.

 How can you copy my results?

  1.  Only sell gigs that have the potential for high sales AND free giveaways.  An example of this would be giving away an extra related report along with your main e-book gig or extending the runtime on your service related offer.
  2. DO NOT DIRECTLY ASK FOR POSITIVE FEEDBACK.  Adopting that tactic will come back to bite you quickly!  Today’s tech savvy Internet buyers don’t like to feel like they’re being manipulated and they will publicly call you out on it! Simply asking for the feedback is good enough.  If you did what you said you were going to do or provided the product as described then getting buyer’s positive feedback should never be a problem.
  3.  address problems quickly!  from time to time  buyers do have legitimate issues  and  they want to feel  like they’re not being ignored.  even if you have the best of intentions and the best product or service possible, blowing off your buyers is not advised – and it will quickly lead to bad feedback as well.



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