Free Site Analytics

Free Site Analytics

We run down the best free site analytics offerings

In my last article I talked about using web analytics tools to drive more traffic to your fiverr gig pages. Because gaining that all important traffic is so important to your success with fiverr I thought i’d spend a little more time focusing on some more free site analytics that you can employ in your day to day fiverr activities as they relate to your person sites and blogs.

Top 7 free site analytics tools

Google Keyword Planner – Without a doubt this one is the “king” of free site analytics tools

Bing Keyword Toolbox – Most small time bloggers and site developers don’t even realize that Microsoft’s Big G competitor has its own free site analytics as well. That’s a shame because besides being rather robust they offer an outstanding second opinion to the google option and even open up some interesting new analytics options as well.

Clicky – A basicly free service that lets you can track up to 3,000 page views each day on a single website. The free version offers visitor tracking and filtering along with a few other features. As expected most of the coolest stuff is for paying users but the free site analytics offered still make it worth checking out.

Statcounter – Uses a combo of log analysis along with cookies to gather information on return visitors, unique visitors, first time visits, total page views, and more. The accuracy of the information is superior due to the methods it uses to collect data. A paid service is available if your site has more than 250,000 page hits a month, or you are wanting a log size greater than 500 page loads. Generally speaking, the free Site analytics offered by Statcounter is amazing for lower trafficked sites or simple start-ups. – Woopra will let you monitor over 40 stats such as usernames,browser information, visitor IP addresses, user paths, geo information, and much more. The site is still in beta testing so its only available for sites that receive less than 10,000 page hits a day however you can can monitor up to two websites on one account. You must have the latest version of JavaScript to use this service . – AW Stats is a one of the best free real-time log analyzers on the web. Unlike Google’s free site analytics, AW Stats isn’t a server-side application made to handle server logs. What this means to you is that the program is installed locally on your a server, probably at your host or office, as opposed to having to access site data via the internet. You must be aware that you need be able to run Perl 5.00503 or higher scripts from a command line or CGI. If you’re not technically savvy then its best you stick to Google’s Free Site Analytics tools and save yourself the frustration. – The freebie version of ClickTale offers up several very useful features plus it includes tracking for up to 400 page views a month (limited to one domain). These free site analytics tools are more suited for the visually oriented type who prefer skimming over pictures than pouring over sheets full of numbers. ClickTale lets you record and watch your visitor’s path too. They also offer heat maps as well made up of aggregate data gathered over a selected period of time. You can overlay the data to your actual webpage to track your visitors actions allowing you to optimize your site. Nothing needs to be installed on your server because clicktale is a fully hosted service. You will however need to place a small amount of JavaScript code on each one of the pages you wish to monitor. – Piwik is a pure open source 100% Free Site Analytics software product. This is great because you own the information collected by Piwik. With web based tools the company gathering the information may own that information and simply shares it with you as long as you are a client. Similar to AWStats, you install Piwik on your personal web server then embed some small JavaScript code on any pages you wish to track. One cool thing about this program is that its features are built inside the plug-ins. If you are a developer, you’ll be able to build custom plug-ins to collect and display whatever custom information you like about your sites visitors & their actions.

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