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Get money online by setting up “automated systems”

I’m a huge fan of any easy to use system that will help me get money online in any way possible. I LOVE passive income (or at least income income that requires very low effort). It seems everybody is trying to figure out how to get money on line in one way or another so in that respect I’m no different than anyone else. Where I DO separate myself is in my approach to my goals.

I learned early on in my business career that while my day to day activities may change, the things that were bringing in the money were generally always the same.  This observation has led me down a lifelong path of creating automated systems to reduce human input and get money online by increasing my sales turnovers whenever and wherever possible. Repetition is the mother of wealth as they say after all.

The Current Barriers To Fiverr Automation

Once I became involved with fiverr I began to apply my obsession for automation in a a bid to get money online in a faster and more hands free way. Initially I came away rather disappointed by the amount of plugins, apps and customer retention software available to users of fiverr. This is due in part largely to fiverrs own NO OUTSIDE CONTACT ALLOWED policy forbidding buyers and sellers form conversing outside of the fiverr webspace. Given the potential loss to them of their juicy 20% commission of each sale made it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why they want to control the comings and goings of every transaction, but I digress…

I’m a bit of a hacker at heart, a rebel with a keyboard if you will. Fiverrs Draconian non contact orders coupled with my need for automation and disdain for faceless authority figures only motivated me to figure out a workaround to the problem of staying in contact with my past buyers. Remember: it’s 7 times easier to sell to a past customer than it is to a new one. Because of fiverrs current lack of internal tools to follow up old buyers with new offers I reasoned that I had to do something purely for financial reasons – they were actually costing me sales!

Automating Fiverr to Free Up Your Time And Get Money Online

In part articles I’ve discussed at length how to draw in new buyers from sources such as Amazon, Facebook and Google but the challenge of keeping the relationship going was one that required a real answer. Here’s what I came up with:

The problem:  Once a sale is made in fiverr you are forbidden from further contact at any point later on. In fact, the folks at fiverr are not really all that wild about you even using the words Skype, email or phone in your internal fiverr communication…pretty paranoid huh?

The opportunity: Some sales require the buyer to provide some form of outside contact to you. they just do. Still, you walk a pretty thin line asking buyers to provide it in the course of fulfilling your gig obligations and even then you’re not assured that they ever want to hear from you afterwards.

The solution: You can use double opt in autoresponders to get money online in various ways and deliver your fiverr products. You can secure your buyers emails with their approval then use them to keep the conversation.  By using this method the buyer must enter and approve a REAL email in order to receive his or her download.

The method: Let’s say I created a gig to sell my latest ebook along with a special report bonus. I would set up an autoresponder service such as to handle the delivery of the eBook and channel my buyer to it through the initial delivery of the special report ( including instructions for downloading the book )

Get Money Online using autoresponders

  • Write the gig and describe what you’re selling – This works best with electronic deliveries that require NO ADDITIONAL WORK, such as an ebook, video tutorial, special software you have the rights to etc.
  • Set up your autoresponder to collect your new buyers info by building a LANDING PAGE that you will point your buyer at to begin the download and signup process.
  • Set Up Your DELIVERY PAGE ( this is a page that is hidden from the public and only accessible after a correct email is given along with approval for further contact.
  • Set up your follow up email program (you can do this at any time) – For a deeper look at the process just follow Aweber’s tutorial on how this is done.
  • Create a DELIVERY ITEM (such as my special report in this example) it doesn’t even really have to be a product. just a simple letter or Pdf with the address of the landing page and a few instructions on what to do next.
  • Upon receiving a sale notice, send your DELIVERY ITEM then you’re basically done with your part.
  • The buyer will receive your DELIVERY ITEM, go to the LANDING PAGE you established earlier, enter their Email address and upon doing so be directed to your hidden DELIVERY PAGE for final download… your automated system to get money online is complete!

Here’s where the get money online system shines; I now have a buyer in my email list with whom I have done business with and who, (presumably) enjoyed my last product. At an ANY POINT from now on I can fire off a quick email to them letting them know about my latest gig (or better yet, an offer completely unrelated to fiverr selling at a higher price point). Or, if I have bothered to set up a series of weekly automated mailings my buyer will hear from me once a week until he either opts out or my list of premade contact letters runs out.

For more ideas on how to get money online by creating your own automated autoresponders buy Dan’s book 33 Fiverr Power Tips, available on

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