How To Make Extra Money

how to make extra money

So you say you want to learn how to make extra money but you don’t know where to turn for answers…

That’s understandable, there’s a lot of opportunists out there looking to separate you from your hard earned dough. In this article we’ll take a look at one trustworthy money making option that’s making thousands of people some great extra income and we’ll discuss how to make extra money with your own Fiverr sales.

How to Make Extra Money Using Fiverr

Fiverr is known as the world’s largest small job site. It’s the leader in a growing trend of micro jobsites that have recently emerged all over the web. People looking for ways to answer the age-old question of question of “how to make extra money” can sign up for free at and offer the buying public up to 20 jobs (known as gigs). There is no charge upfront to sign up or list your jobs on the site.

No money changes hands until after you make a sale, at which point Fiverr automatically deducts a 20% commission from your sale before giving you the rest.  You should also be aware that you will need to have an active PayPal account to get paid. There are no other pay options available.

Setting Up Your First Gig

I’m often asked how to make extra money with Fiverr because so many users never seem to make more than a few dollars. The answer lies in finding a “hungry market”. Think of it this way; you wouldn’t expect to do very well selling bacon to vegans would you? Of course not! You may very well have the tastiest bacon offered anywhere but if there are no takers the you aren’t going to be in business long! My point here is to find what buyers are looking for – then sell it to them – this is the essence of how to make extra money!

Digging For Internet Traffic Gold

In past articles I’ve talked about the use of Google’s Keyword research tool. To recap for those who missed it- it’s a fantastic way to get an insight on the public’s mindset and best of all, ITS FREE!

Using the keyword tool we can target a keyword such as “writing” and find out all the different searches related to our main keyword. This can be very helpful should you happen to come across a keyword with higher traffic count.

People come to the Internet to search for information and solve problems. If somebody is searching Google for information it’s likely they are looking for someone who can help them solve their problem. This puts you in a much better position as a seller (and provider of that solution!) then merely putting up an unresearched sale offer and hoping an untargeted pool of buyers will somehow randomly find you.

Targeted Traffic In Action

Referring back to our keyword writing, let’s assume we did the research and found that this term generates 135,000 searches per month (which it does). You would be inclined to believe that this giant pool of searchers would be interested in your fiverr gig, but you would be wrong!

The term writing is too broad of a search. People searching a single word such as this could be after any number of things. In order to find those valuable and highly targeted buyers we need we are first going to have to answer the question “What specific type of information concerning writers are most people searching for?”

Here’s a few examples:

  • writing services   – 1900 monthly searches
  • writing analysis  – 1000
  • writing critique – 260
  • writing lessons – 720
  • writing classes – 1600
    …just to list a few.

Focusing on one of these keywords will yield far less search in overall results but gain you far higher potential for sales. For example, the 1900 monthly people searching writing services are likely searching for someone who can perform some form of writing job for them on a paid basis. This is what we call an actionable search. At the end of their search these people are going to take some form of action to resolve their problem – in this case – the purchase of writing services.

How To Make Extra Money Exploiting Targeted Search Results

So now, armed with this new information we now know that there is a pool of 1900 people out there each month looking to solve a specific problem. They have cash in hand and they’re going to spend it with somebody, So why not you?

Profiting from tons of freely available traffic like this involves no more effort than  to simply sit down, search for a few high-traffic actionable terms and then create a few fiverr gigs to cater to those searchers needs

If you would like more tips like these on how to make extra money, check out Dan’s latest book 33 Fiverr gigs that sell like crazy available on


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