Improve Site Traffic

improve site traffic

Improve site traffic through the use of backlinks

8 Simple things you can do right now that will improve site traffic results for you

  • Get to the point – “Brevity is the soul of wit” as Shakespeare tells us. People don’t have time to read through your long winded articles waiting for you to trickle out the occasional pearl of wisdom. Site articles should be between 500 – 3500 words anything longer than that should be broken up into possibly a second article. If not, you may want to whittle away at your original work until things take on a more succinct tone.
  • Lay off the keyword spam – Seriously, is there ANYTHING more annoying than a page full of keyword crammed gibberish? Whoever told these people it was acceptable to toss up page after page of keyword spammed pages did us all a serious disservice! Luckily Google (and the rest) have pretty much weeded these bottom feeders out of existence and sent them straight to the bottom of the rankings. If you are tempted to join the ranks of the “shotgun” style article writers in order to improve site traffic, don’t be. Google has little tolerance for site owners who try to game their system.  Those who fail to heed my words will quickly find their ranking sinking to the bottom of the Google listing ocean faster than Davey Jones locker!
  • Use Social media – I know, I know, It’s hardly an original concept at this point. It seems EVERYONE tells you to include social media as part of your bid to improve site traffic. There is a reason why; IT WORKS! I think there is a huge misconception among many small marketers, bloggers and site owner as to exactly what the point of all this social media stuff is good for. In a word – backlinks.


  • Create Backlinks Via Facebook – Yes, social media is great for DIRECTLY marketing to targeted groups but if your skillset isn’t quite at that level yet you can still reap huge rewards. In a nut shell, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc are what is known as authority sites and Google loves them. The more links you can get on those sites, the higher your own authority status is perceived by Google. So by all means, post away, it costs you nothing!
  •  Create Backlinks Via Twitter – While we’re creating backlinks to improve site traffic here’s another easy one. If you don’t already have a twitter account get one and blast out a few tweets containing the link to your fiverr gig or your site. just be sure NOT to shorten the link because you wont get the same level of recognition credit from Google and the others.
  • Create Backlinks Via the rest – Ive already given you a few ideas but at the risk of belaboring the point I’ll give you a few more.,,,, LinkedIn….. My point here is you should make back linking your number one promotional task.
  • Broadcast yourself for the ultimate backlinks – By now you probably realize that there are endless other back linking opportunities to be found around the web, but in my mind this one is by far and away the ultimate source to improve site traffic.  YouTube is owned by google. So naturally it holds a higher degree of authority right off the bat. Furthermore you can use it create a killer little micro ad or sales pitch ( a video backlink!) for your gig or site then link it right over to whatever you want. Aj McClintock has an amazing book showing you how to create a series of these micro videos to dominate search rankings.
  • Analyze web traffic – Is there ANYTHING more entertaining than combing over reams of visitor stats? I’m sure I can think of several (yawn!)  Still, it needs to be done. If you say you want to Improve site traffic then first you need to have an understanding of where your current visitors are coming from, what they are paying attention to and for how long. Now that you’ve created that big list of backlinks you’re going to need to see if your work is paying off. the only way to do that is to find out who these people are that are stopping by and where they came from… to do that first you’ll need some tools.

It’s really not as difficult to improve site traffic as many of the so called “experts” make it out to be. The more pathways you make back to yourself, the more you are recognized as “worthy” of notice. Thankfully through the use of backlinks we can determine own level of worthiness and determine our own level of success or failure according to the work we chose to put in.

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