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make money online for free

Make Money Online For Free: Is it possible?

The goal to make money online for free is nearly as old as the internet itself.

The truth is there actually ARE people who make money online for free – and I’m one of them. I’ve been working online at various sites, in myriads of different ways, some good – most bad. Still, the dream of easy passive income can be achieved – IF you have a plan AND a template to follow.

In this article we’ll be discussing exactly HOW you can turn your talent ( or even lack of it ) into a nice little stack of cash each month by selling HOW TO information on

The 4 most important questions.

Before getting started we need to answer some questions:

  • What kind of information are people looking for?
  • Is The market big enough to make money online for free from?
  • Can we find this information freely available?
  • Can I create an “additional or perceived greater value”?

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these points and see how we can assemble a collection of fiverr gigs that will help us make money online for free.


1) What kind of information are people looking for?

Seems like a logical question doesn’t it? However, you would be amazed to find out how often sellers fail to ask it. Instead of spending a few minutes up front on some basic market research they simply toss up a few random ideas or copycat gigs (sale offers) onto fiverr and wait for the money to roll it. Sadly the results are often predictably dismal.

Teach what ya know!

Where to begin? Well, common sense dictates that you start with your own circle of interests. Whatever you’re into its likely that others are too.
Two points I should make here before I go on:

  • You don’t need to be THE EXPERT on your subject. You just have to be willing to collect the best knowledge available and assemble it in a presentable and valuable package for your buyers.
  • Some interests are NOT marketable to a large enough group (on fiverr) to be worth your time. Let’s say for example, you are interested in restoring vintage 19th century Russian walnut crackers . That’s a pretty small niche, and the number of like minded collectors & restorers with fiverr accounts willing to buy your restoration tips eBook would be even smaller….see my point?

What if you have no talent or no good ideas?

If that’s your question then I can assure you that you are overthinking this. Let me give you an extreme example of this concept in action:

Each day millions of people hit the internet looking for how to information to solve every problem under the sun. The answers to some of these questions may seem “obvious” to you or I but this is the point – we are not all operation at the same skill level!
According to Google each month people are searching for answers to these questions:

  • How to smile – 9900 Monthly searches
  • How to comb your hair  – 880 Monthly Searches
  • How to pump gas – 2900 Monthly Searches
  • How to tie shoelaces – 6600 Monthly searches
  • How to make toast2900 Monthly searches
  • and my favorite… How to boil water – 2900 Monthly searches … (yes, really!)

I could go on and on here but my point is that there is NO LIMIT to the type of basic information people are seeking answers for. And while the answers to many of these questions may appear obvious to you or I, clearly this IS NOT the case for the 2900 people looking for instructions on how to boil water!

2) Is The market big enough to make money online for free from?

So now that you understand just HOW BIG the potential can be for selling information is,  you need a way to establish some sort of baseline expectancy for your sales in order to make money online for free . The worst thing you can do is to simply pick a topic and run with it. you need to know if there is a big enough pool of buyers each month willing to purchase your information gigs. We do this by using googles keyword planning tool.

The Formula:

When picking a subject for my Fiverr products I take in mind the formulas used by the big information marketers. the math goes something like this:

For every 100 POTENTIAL BUYERS only 40% will show any interest at the time they see you.
Of those 40% only 2% will make a purchase.

So what this means is that if I want to set up the greatest possibility to make money online for free I’ll need traffic – and lots of it!

3) Can we find this information freely available?

Thanks to the internet that’s an easy answer, but your list of sources shouldn’t necessarily stop there. Public libraries are still a great resource for information. The problem is many of these books have become outdated (thanks to lack of Government funding) however, depending on your topic the information contained in many of these old books may still be as fresh today as when they were written!

Don’t forget video as a source too. YouTube is the worlds 2nd largest search engine and there are millions of informational videos coving every topic you can think of at your disposal… totally free of charge!

4)  Can I create an “additional or perceived greater value”?

How to make money online box

So by now you have no doubt asked yourself. “How can I hope to sell information that people can get for free?”
There are two parts to that answer: Convenience & Presentation


Human being are an impatient lot. Our need for instant gratification (and often coupled with general laziness) is insatiable, so much so that we are oftentimes willing to pay for things that we could otherwise invest the time doing for ourselves… Hey, who are we as information marketers to judge right? Just be thankful for it and KEEP CASHING IN!


My Dad used to say “Nothing sells the steak better than the sizzle“, and he’s right. Presentation is what makes a buyer STOP…TAKE A LOOK… and CONSIDER what you have to offer. Remember the old adage about judging a book by it’s cover? That’s never more true than when it applies to informational products and your quest to make money online for free! Covers should be bright and attractive and covered with copy that makes the readers want to get inside and see more.


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