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make money online free

Make money online free with 20 simple ideas.

In a past article I talked about how to make money using fiverr.  And in past articles I talked about how simple the process of making money  on fiverr can be.  I’ve been selling on the site myself for about two years and have made about $27000 all told.  Not exactly Rockefeller class money,  but certainly nothing to turn your nose up at! The  great thing about fiverr is the lack of upfront investment required to get started. That means that anyone with a goal to make money online for free isn’t prevented in any way whatsoever from from giving it a shot.

Go Wide – or – Go Deep?

A lot of first time users write in and ask us “should I sell a lot of different things or concentrate on one particular area?” Both systems have their merit however, for newbies I would suggest the following: Assuming you don’t have a very strong collection of ideas, there is nothing wrong with putting up 20 completely unrelated types of gigs in order to see what works best. Actually it’s the first step in the refining process to dialing in a profitable niche. This process is referred to as going wide.

Monitor your progress

I have often voiced my disappointment over Fiverr’s lack of analytical tools, however, they do have a page traffic monitor within the sales dashboard that will show you what kind of traffic your sales are getting, and we can use this as part of our refining process to make money online for free. After letting your initial 20 gigs run for about a month or so you should take a look and see what kind of traffic each one is drawing. In the beginning don’t expect any of the numbers to be very high because you’re new after all, and fiverr is not going to do you any kind of special favors to assist you in your quest to make money online free. Nonetheless by this point you will begin to see some trends emerging. A few sales will be attracting more attention then others. Those are the ones you’ll want more of. We’ll cover that creation process ( known as going deep ) in a minute.

Getting rid of the “dead wood” in order to make money online free.

So now that we have gathered all the intel possible from fiverr’s analytics we need to separate the winners from the losers. That’s easy enough. Simply delete the lowest 10 trafficked sales and that’s that! You now have 10 open spots ready to fill with 10 new sales of a different type OR ones that are related to your 10 best…. this is the method we’re going to cover here.

You Make Money Online Free By Going Deep!

Successful internet marketers understand the concept your about to learn. Its a system of constant refinement that slowly but surely dials in a target group of highly profitable buyers centered around one core topic. Rather than cast a “wide net” over the whole ocean in hopes of snagging a few passing fish, these successful marketers chose to cast their net, assess their catch then refocus their next effort to the point of greatest effect and cast out again, …and again…. drilling down deeper and deeper into bountiful waters (Aka the core or niche market) each time. This is what we mean by going deep, and it’s part of my make money online free system.

Chumming for quality niches

Stage two in the tweaking process is simple; For each one of your top 10 sales you will no construct a related or similar sale to replace one of the original lower 10. For example: If you had a top 10 winner drawing traffic for I WILL DESIGN YOUR COMPANY LOGO FOR YOU then why not offer a separate Logo related offer as well such as I WILL DESIGN YOUR TEAM MASCOT or PRODUCT LOGO for you. or Perhaps you had a top 10 offering such as I WILL PROVIDE YOU 25 LOW COMPETITION KEYWORDS IN YOUR NICHE. This could easily be accompanied in many ways with a related sale such as I WILL WRITE YOU A 500 WORD KEYWORD RICH ARTICLE FOR YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE

Do you get the point here?

What you should end up with is 10 “sets” of niches. At this point you’ll launch your newest 10 gigs and see what happens. After a month you should revisit your traffic stats and make the next cut to the bottom 10 and replace them with new ideas once more. After a period of a few months a clear trend should begin to emerge. You’ll start to notice your surviving sales clustering around one or two themes. From this point it’s simply a matter of repeating the above process over and over until you get to a point where all your gigs reach a level of traffic (and sales) you find acceptable. Congratulations! You’ve now mastered split testing & market analysis…Your potential to make money online free is now on par with the pros!

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