Sites Like Fiverr

Sites like fiverr

Sites like fiverr are easy to replicate but should you do it?

Fiverr isn’t the only Micro jobsite on the web. Full-timers who use these sites are known as microworkers and they spend their time hopping between the various sites posting and filling orders. Sites like fiverr are exploding right now. Thanks to the use of special software known as clone scripts you can drop a pre made program onto your new or existing hosting service and be up and ready to “do battle” against the webs mighty micro job site! But before you get excited at the prospect of doing this there are a few things you should know: Yes, you can build one of your own sites like fiverr using a clonescript. heck, while your at it you could even get clonesripts to set up your own copies of ebay, craigslist, facebook, pinterest and countless others too!

If it’s really that easy to pop up a “me too” version of popular sites why isn’t everyone doing it?

Well, actually many are. Sites like ( a UK variant of fiverr and probably the best of the breed ),, and offer a few solid alternatives. Others come to play too and do their best to play to fiverrs user base ( for better or worse) such as the unoriginally named or even for those of you who just can’t swing the budget  to spend a whole five bucks. In any case you don’t have to look too long to see lots of people jumping on the bandwagon to create sites like fiverr.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Unless you’re fiverr.

With all these sites like fiverr popping up all over the place you would think that the folks at fiverr would be none too amused, and you’d be right! Fiverr aggressively protects its marketplace and is none too pleased when a young upstart with  dollar signs in his eyes and dreams of easy fortunes at their expense comes sniffing around. Buyers of these close scripts are not given any kind of guarantee as to their fitness ( or legality ) before making a purchase. many have set up these dubious sites only to receive cease and desist letters from the legal team at fiverr on the grounds of copyright and/or intellectual property infringement (Ouch!)

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