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Fighting Feedback Terrorism

fiverr feedback terrorism

Has the rise of  a self entitled culture created a problem of feedback terrorism on fiverr? In a previous article I discussed a growing problem on Fiverr known as feedback terrorism. With the recent changes in fiverr customer service’s attitude toward removing blatant feedback extortion I thought it was time to discuss what we can do as a community to combat this ever present threat. If you have been selling on fiverr for any amount of time you have likely come across a difficult buyer from time to time ( welcomeRead More

Feedback & The Art of Ethical Bribery

getting good feedback on fiverr

If you’ve been on fiverr for any amount of time as a seller you realize that your success in being featured and gaining new buyers lives and dies by the feedback that you receive. The fact of matter is; falling from a feedback of 100% to 99% can cause a sizable plunge in sales however dropping from 99% to 97% or less can be almost catastrophic! To make matters worse feedback is not a mandatory requirement for buyers so 50% of most happy buyers don’t ever bother to leave feedback at all. ThisRead More