Fighting Feedback Terrorism

fiverr feedback terrorism

Has the rise of  a self entitled culture created a problem of feedback terrorism on fiverr? In a previous article I discussed a growing problem on Fiverr known as feedback terrorism. With the recent changes in fiverr customer service’s attitude toward removing blatant feedback extortion I thought it was time to discuss what we can do as a community to combat this ever present threat. If you have been selling on fiverr for any amount of time you have likely come across a difficult buyer from time to time ( welcomeRead More

Make Money Online Free

make money online free

Make money online free with 20 simple ideas. In a past article I talked about how to make money using fiverr.  And in past articles I talked about how simple the process of making money  on fiverr can be.  I’ve been selling on the site myself for about two years and have made about $27000 all told.  Not exactly Rockefeller class money,  but certainly nothing to turn your nose up at! The  great thing about fiverr is the lack of upfront investment required to get started. That means that anyone with a goalRead More

How To Make Money

How to make money

How to make money starting this month Fiverr represents an awesome opportunity for people with very little time or an odd collection of skills to make some great money . In this article we’ll talk about how to make money using offbeat skills to pocket some extra cash in the next 30 days. Assessing the competition The staff at Fiverr power tips gets emails all the time asking “how to make money when I have no skills”. The answer may be right in front of you, you just need toRead More