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Using web analytics tools to get the most out of fiverr gigs

How can you hit a target you can’t even see? Well, any rational person conclude “it’s not possible”. Yet each day millions of web users and bloggers set up and maintain “for profit” sites in hopes of snaring a mass of traffic based on little to no idea of where these expected “hungry buyers” are supposed to come from. A recent study by www.PowerProfitsUniversity.com’s Joe Steno reveals most fiverr.com sellers are shooting blind with the same lack of information.

Dialing in the dollars using freely available web analytics tools

If you’ve been a part of the online information or product marketing game for any amount of time then no doubt you’ve been told about Google’s Keyword planner web analytics tools. In a nutshell it’s a great way to look behind the Google curtain and discover which keywords are pulling the most traffic.

Other ideas for gauging the consuming public’s interest exist as well, such as Bing, Yahoo and many more. But did you know you can gain some valuable insight on current consumer trends using the product search bars from big sites such as Amazon, EBay, Etsy and more? Just entering a word or phrase in their bars will get you the top 5 to 10 most popular results recently searched for related to your word or phrase. True, you won’t be able to get the actual numbers of searchers but the results on these sites can still gain you some valuable insight into what consumers are really hungry for.

So what does this have to do with fiverr?

Plenty! It should come as no surprise to you that fiverr.com (as with all large companies on the web) spends thousands of dollars a month promoting its site to bring in traffic. What you may not realize is how huge its organic traffic is. Each day crawlers from the various search engines collect the latest information from fiverr’ s latest gig listings and use them to display small snippets of what they find as individual search page listings. If you are wanting to boost your fiverr gig traffic to an all new level then this is where web analytics tools such as Google’s keyword planner or Amazons product search bar really shine!

Putting it all together

When creating your next gig for fiverr this is how you do it:

Pick a topic, any topic you are interested in will be fine. For this example we’ll use a hypothetical listing idea such as “writing“.

Head over to the keyword planner web analytics tools (if you haven’t signed up, do that now – it’s free) and type in our keyword. then on page 2 hit the “get ideas” button. this will expand on the concept of writing to display other related searches that may yield better ideas.

Looking at the results below we can see where the real traffic is.

Web analytics tools


Upon quick inspection a few terms stand out that could seriously boost our WRITING GIG’s organic search engine traffic if used within the listing. Here’s my top five selections:

  • essay – 165,000 monthly searches
  • writing – 135,000 monthly searches
  • how to write an essay – 65,500 monthly searches
  • letter writing – 49,500 monthly searches
  • writer – 49,500 monthly searches

Total Monthly Searches: 464.500! Now THAT is what I call a hungry crowd!

Next we’ll need to create a new gig offering our writing services using our high traffic keywords taken from Googles free web analytics tools . Below is the beginning of a quick example listing (I’ve highlighted our keywords so you can easily spot them):

I will do your writing, essay or be your ghost writer for $5

Hi everyone!
My Name is Emily and I’m a writer. I love to write and I’ve been doing it professionally for 6 years. I’ve come to fiverr to offer my services to help buyer with their letter writing, essay projects and ebooks.

Don’t forget to check out my gig extra where you can get my report how to write an essay. Inside you’ll learn my 10 hottest tips for becoming a profitable writer while improving your overall writing skills.


The obvious advantages of using free Web analytics tools

I could go on to further describe my services and really polish up this listing before I launch it, but this was only intended to be a small intro so that you could clearly see how POWERFUL this concept can be.

I want you to take a look at the structure of the listing and note that in the span of less than 100 words I’ve managed to achieve better than 9% total keyword density! In less than 100 words I’ve gained the potential viewership of nearly 500,000 targeted buyers! With huge traffic potential like that there is little reason why you shouldn’t consider the use of web analytics tools into your next fiverr gig campaign.

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