Web Visitor Tracking

Web visitor tracking

The basics of web visitor tracking

Who ARE all these people?

In past articles we’ve discussed how to analyze web traffic and where to get free site analytics tools, so presuming that you have all this stuff now, what can you do with it?

Analytics is a complex subject, one worthy of one of those 4 inch thick books you see in the computer section of your local bookstore so I’m not going to pretend that I’m going to give you an in-depth analysis of the entire process of web visitor tracking. I’ll leave that to the gurus and academics. What I will do is show you a neat little site tool that will give you some rather enlightening information about your fiverr gig page visitors with a minimum of time invested.

Web visitor tracking 101

It’s no secret that Fiverr’s on board analytics leave much to be desired. They appear to be nothing more than an afterthought by the development team and there’s little you can do with the limited amount of data they provide you with.

Fiverr web visitor tracking

Bit.Do – The easiest web visitor tracking around

There are a lot of url shorteners on the web you can use for web visitor tracking but I like to use bit.do. The reason for this is because I don’t have to remember passwords or login to check stats on a link. It’s really quite brilliant how they’ve simplified this process.

Shortening an url works just the same here as with most other programs; simply cut-and-paste your desired destination link into the location provided and if you like you can add a custom tag to make it easy to remember (for this example my link looks like this http://bit.do/FiverrPowerTipsExample )


Fiverr web visitor tracking 2


Checking traffic stats is just as easy. Simply put a dash at the end of the url like so: http://bit.do/FiverrPowerTipsExample and you’ll be treated to a wealth of valuable free web visitor tracking information such as page views, referring sites, referring pages, redirects, Ips and even access times to help you spot trending times of day when traffic is best! Web visitor tracking has never been easier!

Using Bit.do for Fiverr web visitor tracking.

Once you have created a few fiverr gigs then follow these steps:

  • Copy each one over to Bit.do and assign it a unique and catchy name (one that will get your potential buyers interest up)
  • Create a TXT file to keep track of all your new shortened urls for later marketing and web visitor tracking activities
  • Head over to your favorite social media spot, facebook, twitter, linked In and don’t forget your email list too!
  • To further dial in your marketing efforts you can pop over to any BIT.DO URL and have a look at the stats by just adding a to the end of any url to find out what activity is producing the most response.

For an even higher degree of web visitor tracking you could even consider creating SEVERAL unique links for each gig . Create a url for social media, one for email, special promotion, the combinations and ways you can apply them here are truly endless.

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